Helaba Annual Report 2016
Annual Report 2016
CRM International

A global team

We established our new Customer Relationship Management International unit in 2016. The team co-operates across national boundaries from various sites in the USA, Europa and Asia for the benefit of the Sparkassen and their multinational and SME customers.

English is the common language of the Customer Relationship Management (ZKM) International unit – both within the team and in contacts with many of its customers. Helaba operates from sites in the USA, the UK, France, Spain, Sweden, China, Russia, Singapore and Germany. The employees staffing these various offices keep in touch with one another across continents and time zones by telephone and video conference and they also meet up face to face regularly to share information and experience.

CRM International essentially serves three different major customer groups – multinational companies, the German upper SME segment and customers of the Sparkassen, the latter supported through a special German Desk based at the London and New York sites – plus the all-important local customers, for which our range of services offers welcome added value. These customers appreciate the reliable partnership offered by Helaba and its consistency in terms of both strategy and customer contacts.

Susanne von Müller, London

Our long-standing customer relationships enable us ...

to gain an insight into a wide range of different business models and a deeper understanding of the pertinent sectors of the UK market.

Susanne von Müller joined Helaba in 1995 and became Head of International Corporate Clients, UK and Ireland in 2016.

We mainly focused in 2016 on ...

developing and intensifying existing customer relationships, although we did also press ahead with new customer acquisition activities. Bilateral and syndicated loans are the cornerstone of our business, but we also assist our customers with cross-border finance, promissory note issues and interest and currency hedging. We see further opportunities in the market going forwards.

My objective is to steer the London office ...

so that in the medium term we end up with an active and well-diversified customer portfolio with selected British and Irish key accounts that look on Helaba as a reliable, strategically-significant long-term business partner. Our German Desk provides local payment transactions services for corporate customers of the Sparkassen to assist them with their business activities at home and abroad.

The best places to take afternoon tea in London ...

are the venerable old hotels like Brown’s, The Connaught and Claridge’s.

Jens Jörg Jennebach, Madrid

The main priority in our work is ...

new business with our local target customers. We have Helaba’s entire product range in our armoury to help us in this. The larger Spanish companies have stepped up their international operations massively over the past decade and all kinds of different strategic cross-border financing approaches consequently come into play for Helaba. Our activities as a representative office involve supporting inquiries not just from the Sparkasse realm, but also from Helaba’s various (product) departments, especially in the context of our German Desk and with banking support.

Jens Jörg Jennebach, Vice President, has been working for Helaba in Madrid since January 1996. Customers in both Portugal and Spain are served from the Madrid site.

The specialised composition of our team ...

ensures that our "HQ" has specific knowledge of local business customs thanks to regular dialogue and discussion and that we are therefore able to bring notions here on the ground and circumstances abroad into balance and thus steer transactions to a faster conclusion.

My favourite museum in Madrid ...

... is the one I feel like visiting on the day – different museums cover different subjects but they are all well worth exploring. Particularly noteworthy perhaps is the “museum” of football club Real Madrid, stadium tour included!

Christoph Winnat, Singapore

We officially opened our representative office in May 2015 and since then ...

... our team and colleagues from Germany have been busy raising Helaba's profile in the ASEAN region, India and Korea and working to arrange new transactions.

Christoph Winnat is Chief Representative and has been working for Helaba in Singapore since October 2014.

The main focus of our work ...

is to provide meaningful support for Helaba and the Sparkassen in their international business and assist corporate customers of both in the region in the areas of foreign trade, export finance and project finance. Other priorities for our office include international business with banks in the region, for example in the field of cash management, and the provision of expert counselling for Asian real estate investors with an interest in Europe.

The most promising areas in our view are ...

foreign trade finance and specialised lending, be it short-term cover for trading transactions using letters of credit or long-term sales finance for German investment goods. We also see good potential in structured finance for energy and infrastructure projects with German involvement.

If I need a dose of Europe in Singapore ...

(and even if I don't) I just get together with European friends – nobody really loses their identity altogether even after many years abroad, which is a good thing as it is variety that makes meeting up so enjoyable.

Jyrki Ranta, Stockholm

Our particular niche strength is …

implementing promissory note loans, which Nordic issuers like to use as a cost-efficient supplement to their regular bond issues. Our structuring and underwriting capabilities in the acquisition finance field are also in demand and we see enduring potential here: the solid financial foundations and global ambitions typical of companies in our region suggest more M&A activity to come. Turning to project finance, we see lively activity in the renewable energy field plus opportunities for infrastructure development projects using the public-private partnership model. We realise that we have to have big financing deals on our balance sheet in order for customers to take us seriously as a core bank. But thanks to our liquidity and our excellent and stable ratings, this is not difficult to achieve.

Jyrki Ranta, Head of Corporate
Clients Nordic, joined Helaba in May 2016

We are in contact with our customers all over the world …

day in, day out. For us, this is all in a day’s work. Our colleagues from Frankfurt and London visit the Nordic countries regularly, sharing the product expertise we need in order to develop specific solutions with our customers.

Nothing beats …

… a morning coffee on a summer weekend in your own cabin, usually by a lake or the sea.

Frank Dohl, New York

The German Desk provides our Sparkasse customers ...

... (that is to say SMEs) a gateway to the American market in New York. Advisory services are extremely important and in strong demand alongside the actual banking services.

Frank Dohl became Senior Vice President, CRM International, in July 2016 and has been working in New York since 2000.

Outbound business with German and other European subsidiaries of US companies ...

is one of our main focuses because of the fact that Europe remains one of the most significant markets for US products. And just as German companies have manufacturing operations in the USA, so many American companies have deep roots in Europe.

My team and I win over American customers with the argument that ...

Helaba is a steadfast and reliable long-term partner that knows Europe inside out. It is particularly important for companies operating far from home to be able to rely on the expertise of a bank like Helaba that can help them avoid any unpleasant surprises.

My ideal Sunday begins ...

with brunch at 10,000 feet. I am an aviator and enjoy scouting out the US East Coast with my family: from Cape Hatteras to Maine, in summer we are out there together exploring almost every weekend.

Susanne Hübers, Paris

The Paris site is special because ...

we are a small but culturally diverse group of about 20 people with a strongly international background. We essentially represent three of the Bank’s business segments: real estate, public sector, financial institutions and public finance and customer relationship management. There is full cross-departmental collaboration to give customers the best possible service.

Susanne Hübers is Head of Corporate Clients France and has been working for Helaba in Paris since 2013, having previously spent six years representing the Bank in Madrid.

Our objectives for 2017 are ...

to continue raising the profile of Helaba as a strong German bank and deepening the successfully established relationships with our French customers. Cross-selling has a big role to play. We want to position ourselves as one of the go-to banks.

When I want to introduce guests to a different side of Paris ...

the markets and local shopping streets like the Rue Mouffetard and rue Montorgueil show a slice of life with a distinctive Parisian flair away from the tourist crowds. It is no secret that the French love their food. The narrow side streets and winding lanes of the Marais are also well worth exploring for their numerous designer and creative boutiques and countless cafés and bars.

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